Shop rules

1. By paying for the goods, the buyer automatically confirms that he is familiar with the description of the goods and the rules of the store.

2. Check the product immediately after purchase.

- Order verification time is 24 hours from the date of purchase.

- If the item is not valid, please report it IMMEDIATELY.

- After the time allotted for verification, the responsibility for the goods lies entirely with the buyer and the goods cannot be returned.

- Check accounts for validity using id. Verification link: After logging into your account, the replacement cannot be made.

- You can check the BM for the verification status and the date of creation of the BM using the link that comes with the order.

3. Return / replacement of goods:

- Only goods recognized as invalid and for which the period for verification has not expired can be returned. (BM is banned before you log in, there is no BM verification status, the link to accept BM does not work, the account is banned or does not exist, the product does not match the description)

- Return / replacement of a valid product is not provided for by the rules of the store.

- Responsibility for the purchase of goods “by mistake” lies entirely with the buyer.

4. After the purchase, in order to avoid claims and misunderstandings, link your own data to your account (phone number, backup mail, ...).

5. In case of problems with payment, be sure to write to support. In the message, indicate the essence of the problem, the order number and the mail that was used when ordering.

- A detailed description of the problem will allow support to help you as soon as possible.

6. Please remember that support is not engaged in consultations or training in working with accounts, BM, proxies.

7. Support has the right to refuse service to the client and terminate the dialogue if the client uses obscene language or inappropriate behavior.

8. Ignorance of the rules does not release the client from responsibility to the established rules.